Thursday, 17 July 2014

stop motion animation formats

stop motion animation formats

lego - death star canteen

The Lego death star canteen animation was made by Eddie Izzard. This is a stop motion animation. it was made using small lego figures and scenery made from lego also. This was made by taking a photo of the set and then moving the figures a tiny bit each photo. all of the photos then get put in to order on a software such a i stop motion which will turn the pictures in to a short film. The less you move the figures and the more photos you take will create a smoother movement. This animation is aimed

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

4) stop motion animation techniques

cadburys creme egg advert

The cadburys Creme egg stop motion advert made by Aardman was made in 2011. A group of prop creators worked with Aardman and spent two days wrapping 500 plastic Creme eggs in their foil paper so they was able to create this tv advert. Cadburys sponsored the London 2012 olympics which was the whole idea of the sporting themed adverts known as the goo games. taking the scale of a cadbury creme egg Aardman were able to create a huge sporting stadium with the capacity of 800 eggs. to make the creme eggs move metal rigs were attached to them and for each photo