Wednesday, 21 May 2014

1 minute practice video

props list

call sheet

location recce

shot list

crew roles


For our music video we are going to cast one person as we
 don't need many people to make our music video work.

Name: Daniel Thomas 

Age: 17
School: Ravens Wood School
Reason for casting: Dan is going to be the featuring person in this music video, he will be wearing the same thing as the original person as that is what they wore in there music video. James is part of the team for the music video so casting him as a role was perfect as he knew what we were looking for in our video.

story board

Music video

Final edit

production log

Day 1
When we arrived we set up the camera's on the tripods so that we could then sit down to work out the plan of how we were  going to shoot. When talking we had a few ideas of what we could do to make sure we get the right shots. We started off by making sure we had the right lighting so that the shot could be as effective as possible. We then went on to trying to shoot the first bit of our music video.

Day 2
On the second day we set up and got started straight away we shot the scenes in the shelter where we were shooting the rap scenes, we made sure we could get the shooting from every angle possible, by doing this it took approximately 2hours to get the perfect angle. After this we called it a day to try  again to try and get the last shots the next day.

Day 3
On the last day we shot with the gopro camera on the mini motorbike scene. We filmed for a few hours to make sure we made the most of using the gopro and got as much footage as we could. We then packed up and returned the cameras to school.

clearance letter

Orchard Cottage,
Holwood, Westerham Road,

1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York 

To Whom This May Concern, 

I am writing to you as i would like your permission to use your song 'Survival' for my Year 12 Media Project. 

Firstly i would like to introduce myself, I am Olivia Griffiths, I go to sixth form in London and i am studying media. I am currently shooting my music video and i wanted to use your song 'Survival' as i feel it has meening behind the video and i would like to recreate your own video with the story i think that the song portrays. 

If the video I make becomes successful I think that it would make you more relatable as an artist and i think that it would help you to get more sales in the future more than you have now and i know that is quite hard seeing as you are such a well known artist. 

I hope that using your song isn't too much to ask. 

Yours Sincerely 
James Peagam
Ravens Wood School 

filming permission

To Whom This May Concern,

I am writing to you as I would like your permission to film my school music video on your premises, on the dates provided below;

1st June 2014
2nd June 2014
3rd June 2014

I hope that this is possible as it would be very much appreciated as we feel that your premises are an ideal place to film.

Yours Sincerely
Olivia Griffiths, Luke Biley and James Peagam

prop list

call sheet

production schedule


For our music video we are going to cast one person as we don't need many people to make our music video work.

Name: James Peagam

Age: 17
School: Ravens Wood School
Reason for casting: James is going to be the featuring person in this music video, he will be wearing camouflage as the theme of the music video is survival. James will also have a balaclava so that he can hide his face in parts of the video when doing illegal things. James is part of the team for the music video so casting him as a role was perfect as he knew what we were looking for in our video.


concept pitch/ treatment

in depth artist case study

American rapper, record producer and actor Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri. He never knew his father, Marshall Mathers Jr., who abandoned the family when Eminem was still an infant and rebuffed all of his son's many attempts to contact him during his childhood. As a result, Eminem was raised by his mother, Deborah Mathers. She never managed to hold down a job for more than several months at a time, so they moved frequently between Missouri and Detroit, Michigan, spending large chunks of time in public housing projects. "I would change schools two, three times a year," Eminem later recalled. "That was probably the roughest part about it all."
This itinerant lifestyle left a large impact on his personality. He had no close friends, kept almost entirely to himself and was treated like an outcast at each new school. "Beat up in the bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved into lockers," he remembered. Eminem has been scathingly critical of the way his mother raised him. Through his song lyrics, he has publicly accused her of being addicted to prescription drugs as well as subjecting him to emotional and physical abuse. However, Deborah Mathers has vehemently denied all such accusations, and in 1999 she filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against her son. They settled the case for $25,000.
Eminem attended Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, where he failed the ninth grade three times and eventually dropped out at the age of 17. Despite being a poor student, Eminem always had a deep affinity for language, devouring comic books and even studying the dictionary. "I found that no matter how bad I was at school, like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at some times, I always was good at English ... I just felt like I wanna be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull 'em out. You know, somewhere, they'll be stored, like, locked away."
As a teenage dropout, Eminem found a way to express his passion for language, as well as to release his youthful anger, through the emerging musical genre of hip-hip. He identified with the nihilistic rage of late-1980s and early-1990s rap music, and he was especially taken with N.W.A., the popular and highly controversial gangster rap crew from Los Angeles.
Although at the time rap music was almost exclusively produced by black people, Eminem, who has pale white skin and bright blue eyes, nevertheless entered into the Detroit rap scene as a frequent competitor in rap "battles"—competitions in which two rappers take turns insulting the other through improvised rap lyrics. Eminem proved highly skilled at such verbal sparring and, despite his race, quickly became one of the most respected figures in Detroit's underground rap scene.
He recalled, "I finally found something that yeah, this kid over here, you know, he may have more chicks, and he may, you know, have better clothes, or whatever, but he can't do this like me. You know what I mean? He can't write what I'm writing right now. And it started to feel like, you know, maybe Marshall's gettin' a little respect." Mathers assumed the stage name M&M, a playful reference to his initials, which he later began writing phonetically as "Eminem." This period in Eminem's life—working odd jobs to make ends meet while participating in rap battles and desperately attempting to land a record contract—was later dramatized in Eminem's semi-autobiographical film, 8 Mile.
It was also during this period that Eminem began dating Kim Ann Scott, and in 1995 the couple had a daughter named Hailie Jade Scott. Inspired by the birth of his daughter to make a living as a rapper, in 1996, Eminem released his first independent rap album, Infinite. Though the album displayed flashes of his verbal prowess, biting wit and flair for storytelling, the low-budget record failed to turn a profit or attract more than local attention

techniques video

music video styles

advertising in music videos

Advertising in music videos is becoming more and more popular as artists are including products in to their music videos that will help different companys with advertisement. advertising in music videos ranges from major advertisement to minor advertisement. An example of major advertisement used in a music video would be from lady gaga's hit single telephone. This music video is one of the best examples of major product placement and advertisement because of all of the different brands of mobile phones that she flashes off during the video.

Friday, 2 May 2014

16) focus group notes and analysis

We presented our three scripts to our class explaining what they are and how they fit in with BBC One. At the end of the presentation we got feedback from the class explaining what they like and dislike about each idea and using this information we was able to choose our final idea which we went on and made for our final BBC One ident.

idea one
 our first idea was a red character who sits by a fire and melts in to our BBC One logo. This is the feedback we got. It is a very good idea, but it does not really fit in with the theme if of the BBC One and may not appeal to everyone from the BBC One target audience. This idea is more suitable for the channel E4 because it will appeal more to the younger generation. Its good that you have followed the colour scheme of the BBC One all of the way through by using the colour red. The colour red is seen all the way through the ident.

The second idea was a close up of a hand holding a dart then the person holding the dart then throws it. The camera follows the dart through the air until it reaches the dart board where the BBC One logo will be displayed on the dart board. The dart will then hit the BBC One logo and then the logo will expand to take up the screen of the viewers. This is the feedback we got.
This idea is very good and fits in with the target audience of BBC One which is everyone. This is because the game darts appeals to the older generation and it also appeals to the younger generation which makes it appeal to the target audience. The colour red has not been shown enough throughout the ident which means that the company branding hasnt been shown enough.