Thursday, 23 January 2014

track choice and analysis

track choice and analysis

track choice
Survival by Eminem

analysis of track choice

whilst watching this video i have been looking for lyric and visual relation. After watching the music video i have not been able to spot any relation between the video and the lyrics except from at the beginning. "wasn't ready to be a millionaire, i was ill - prepared i was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there" whilst Eminem is rapping these lyrics in the background it shows him live on stage performing in front of thousands of people. This relates to the lyrics because he is talking about his success and the video is showing how and why he is successful.

The camera and visuals in the music video fit in well with the song. The song is very fast and the video has been made to fit in with the speed of the song. This has been done by showing Eminem for most of the song standing in front of the camera rapping whilst using a lot of body movement to fit in with the beat of the song. Through out this music video the 180 degrees camera rule is used. The 180 degrees camera rule states that the camera should remain the same side of an imaginary line. The line is drawn perpendicular to the cameras view point in the establishing shot of the scene. The rule enforces continuity of the film, this camera rule is used in things such as football matches.

In this music video Eminem is dressed in jeans, a leather coat and sneakers. After doing research on this artist i have found out that this is how he dresses in every day life making the video as natural as possible and it makes the artist comfortable when filming the music video. I have also done some research on a lot of Eminem's other videos and in nearly all of them he is consistent in the way he acts such as standing in front of the camera and rapping in to it with a lot of body movement. It is important for the artist to be himself in the music video because it means that he is comfortable whilst performing which results in the artist performing to the best of his ability.

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