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the purpose of music videos

the purpose of music videos

When artists make music videos there are many ways in which they can sell there song to make it more successful. The most important way of doing this is by promoting the song that they have created. promotional is advertising something. The artists goal is to: sell the song, and invoke a reaction so that the audience remember the song, to give the audience a better understanding of the song, to entertain and show off their talents, to sell CDs, DVDs and downloads by creating memorable visuals and market the purposes of exposure and expansion of the their profile. When artists promote a music video for a song it in turn promotes their album increasing the income the artist and the record company gets. When the artist promotes their song they are also promoting their self as an artist which can lead to greater opportunities for the artist such as possible collaboration opportunities with other artists. An example of this is Psy. He promoted Gangnam style so well that it LED him to possible collaboration oppertunities with other artists e.g. Justin Bieber.

Music videos are a good way for companies to make money; it cashes in on the success of a song, and helps to boost sales of other products linked to the singer. A music video can be sold on DVD or to other companies for broadcast, this would get money for the production company, the singer or artists featured in the song would likely get a percentage deal. Their would be repeat fees if the show was broadcast on TV. A music video extends the income of the singer-they would get money for doing the video, and from promotional duties and products. for example Michael Jackson’s Thriller video took over $500 million in sales, which was boostec by the famous music video. Michael Jackson earned over $120 million. When it first aired on Top of the Pops it was played several times in the first evening. 

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