Thursday, 28 November 2013

6) research proposal

Research Proposal

There are 6 main reasons as to what the purpose of television idents are: identity, branding, marketing, packaging and re-packaging, scheduling and segmentation within scheduling. These things are very important to think about when thinking of the purpose of the ident, as they will give the audience a strong idea as to what the television channel is like.
Television idents are created with the purpose of giving the channel an identity in order for the specific channel to stand out from all others. Television idents are made to hopefully attract more viewers to the channel. Depending on the channel the ident being made has to fit in with the target audience of the channel and also fit in with the corporate identity e.g E4 is aimed towards the younger generation and they show this in their idents by using a fun vibrant colour (purple) and making their idents random and fun.
We are hoping that this ident that we are going to make for BBC One will have a positive effect on the target audience by making it appealing to them which will hopefully encourage them to come back to the channel and attract people who dont watch BBC One to the channel. Making this ident will allow me to learn more about tv channels and their idents and how to make an ident.
For the whole process of making my own ident i will be investing a lot of time for the research and the filming process. I will be investing 250 minutes a week. The filming process will begin when all of the research and planning is done on the 29/11/2013. There will be two of us making this ident.
For the research of this process i have looked at many different things such as different channels, corporate identity, risk assessment, budget, location recce etc. All of this research that i have done will allow me to make the best ident possible because i have gained a greater knowledge of television idents, how they are made and how they are made to appeal to the target audience. This will allow me to make an ident that looks professional by using professional softwares such as after effects and will allow me to make my ident as appealing to the target audience as it can be so i am able to attract more viewers to BBC One.

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