Monday, 16 September 2013

music video recepie

what is a music video?

David bowie heroes 70's:  this music video is very simple. back in the 70's technology was not as good as it now. using the technology they had back in the 70's they used in the music videos. Things such as lighting in the 70's music videos was very important because using light sources correctly at all different angles met that the producers were able to create different affects for their videos. Computer editing was also not advanced which meant they was able to add very small effects which made the music video better. The camera was also always fixed to the artist using different camera angles which kept the video simple.

The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go 80's
In the 80's technology was advancing fast and music companies were using this technology in their music videos. At the time this music video would be a complex video because multiple cameras were used and editing was also used. The editing used in this music video makes it complex for the time it was created because this was a time where computer editing was advancing dramatically meaning that producers were able to use new technology making the videos appealing to the public.  There was a lot of lighting used in this video which added to the rock style of the video. The content of this music video is almost like a documentary. It shows the band performing on stage , but also includes some backstage footage.

Hit me baby one more time-Britney spears
In the 90's technology advanced so much it transformed songs. The new technology attracted new artists to the industry such as boy bands and teen pop sensations. This is an advanced music video due to multiple camera use and the new technology which has been introduced to editing and the . The advance of technology in the 90's meant that a larger range of musicians were able to create electronic music. What started out sounding like dance music was gradually less targeted towards the dance-floor audience and more towards home listeners. This genre later became known as electronica. 


Mockingbird - Eminem
The song Mockingbird was released on 25th April 2005 by the singer and rapper Eminem. In this video he has used an old technique and has made it look like a home video. This is great for the different types of shots he has. I thought this was a great way to do a video because it doesn't have to be at a great quality or have a very high budget because if all the video has already been filmed by the artist, like in this case, then it doesn't have to be filmed again. 

switch lanes-tyga
in the music video switch lanes by Tyga and The Game we can really see the hip hop convention. There is lots of girls in the music video, they are not in every single scene, but we see them most of the time. The artists like to also show off their money in this music video by flashing the expensive super cars and also by wearing big flashy expensive jewellery. We can defianately tell that music videos are changing in this genre because its all about money and showing off. The best directors are used and the best equipment is used with many advanced techniques and even introducing new techniques that have never been seen before.

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