Thursday, 3 October 2013

8) channel logo analysis

channel logo analysis

In the BBC One logo the primary colour is red. Red is the colour that represents BBC One because it fits in well with the target audience which is everyone. Red is appealing to everyone which makes it fit in with the target audience and it also has a warm feeling to it attracting the target audience. The typography used in the BBC One logo is serif because of the little flick on the letter N. this type of font is more appealing to the older generation because it is more sophisticated. There is no imagery used in the BBC One logo at all which makes the logo plain and simple.

In the ITV 2 logo the primary colour used a bright vibrant pink. This is a colour that really stands out and is very eye catching and fun. This colour is very appealing to the channels target audience which is the younger generation. The typography in the ITV 2 logo is serif which which is very appealing. This font is sophisticated and brings some maturity to the channel and the logo. There is no imagery used in this logo which makes it a very simple logo.
In the e4 logo purple is the primary colour that represents the channel. This bright purple fits in well with the target audience because it is appealing to the younger generation as it is bright, fun and eye catching. The typography used in the e4 logo is sans serif because there is no flicks coming off the letter E. This logo is clever because the letter E is embedded in to the 4. This logo also uses white which is a plain boring colour. White is used so that the logo colour isn't over the top. There is no imagery used in this logo.

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