Thursday, 3 October 2013

20) final logo justification

final logo justification

My final logo fits in really well with the brand. This final logo really represents the brand well due to the colour choice and the use of circles. I decided to stick to the colour scheme of red in my final logo because red is the colour that represents the brand and fits in well with the target audience because it is appealing to everyone and isn't offensive. I decided to incorporate the circle idea used in the BBC One idents by adding multiple rings. The circles represent the idea of everyone being equal and becoming one. Coming away from just red and white I decided to add a black background because it really emphasises the red and the white font allowing the viewers to remember it. This logo will fit in well with the rebrand of the channel because it isn't a really big change that people wont like as I have stuck to the colour scheme and made the logo a bit more fun and more recognizable.

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