Friday, 2 May 2014

16) focus group notes and analysis

We presented our three scripts to our class explaining what they are and how they fit in with BBC One. At the end of the presentation we got feedback from the class explaining what they like and dislike about each idea and using this information we was able to choose our final idea which we went on and made for our final BBC One ident.

idea one
 our first idea was a red character who sits by a fire and melts in to our BBC One logo. This is the feedback we got. It is a very good idea, but it does not really fit in with the theme if of the BBC One and may not appeal to everyone from the BBC One target audience. This idea is more suitable for the channel E4 because it will appeal more to the younger generation. Its good that you have followed the colour scheme of the BBC One all of the way through by using the colour red. The colour red is seen all the way through the ident.

The second idea was a close up of a hand holding a dart then the person holding the dart then throws it. The camera follows the dart through the air until it reaches the dart board where the BBC One logo will be displayed on the dart board. The dart will then hit the BBC One logo and then the logo will expand to take up the screen of the viewers. This is the feedback we got.
This idea is very good and fits in with the target audience of BBC One which is everyone. This is because the game darts appeals to the older generation and it also appeals to the younger generation which makes it appeal to the target audience. The colour red has not been shown enough throughout the ident which means that the company branding hasnt been shown enough.


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