Friday, 13 June 2014

31) revised proposal and planning

old logo                                                                                         new logo

we change our ident so it looked like a profesial logo and the extra bubbles this is to represent the other series of ident and the links of all the different kinds of programs they show but the logo had to be still able to go into our ident and the expansion of our ident. this logo had to fit with the bbc one theme of the circle logo but had to be different and still look like its from BBC one
as you can see from this snap shot we used this logo in out final ident and made it so it came out of the sun, this is to symbolise that bbc one can brighten up your day and this theme we have carried out though the expansion of concept suite and then this can be made in to a series by using natural hazard to represent peoples every day problems and then using the idea that bbc one can bright up your day it the sun coming out and everything gets fixed.

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