Sunday, 1 June 2014

5) annotated research x8

1. this is a screen shot of the bbc one ident history page on there website it shows how the logo has change though years but still kept the circler theme and this is what we have tried to incorporate into the design of our bbc one logo and it also shows us the colours that they have gone though when technology was changing

2. we tried to look for a style guide to help us with designing our new bbc one logo as we could not find one we ended up figuring it out our self by looking at the different logos and ident to look at how they represent bbc. by analysing the logo we were able to get an understanding of what the logo should include such as it should include circles and the bbc one logo and should also include the colour theme which is red

3. we then went on to look at there website and to see what kind of shows and programmes they show at what they show at certain times, sometimes this means that the idents in the morning would be different to the ones at midday and that them idents would be different to the ones in the evening

4. we then made a survey to find out the viewers views on what they like and dislike about the bbc one logo and ident at the moment and if they would change anything like the atheistic of the idents and logo this helped us to design our logo to the viewers needs

5.we then looked at different idents from different channels on youtube and showed us how the idents change to wether the programmes they are showing is for a suitable audience such as if it was a kids programme that was on there would have been an ident targeted at children

6. we then looked at what makes a good
ident and got some good information on
it as it gave us a good understanding
of what people want are looking for in a
 ident for a channel

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