Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Emotional response of music videos

how do music videos show meaning?

Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri:
In the music video Not all of the lyrics sung by Christina Perri were interpreted. The words "cold" and "ice" are used quite a lot in the music video which suggests and shows that she is unable to love. During the music video there are points when the lyrics being sung become more aggressive and physical, but when this happens the backing dancers also begin to dance more aggressively to really show the emotion coming from the artist.
In this music video there is a lot of things we see that grabs our attention. Dancers, cars, smoke, buildings, road, white, stairs, trees, actors, phone box, rain and dark are all of the main things that stick out during the music video. There are different parts in the video where it switches between light and dark. This is to show the different emotions being sung. In this music video it really shows us the journey of love. The two main noticeable camera techniques used in the music video are the rule of thirds and the 180 degree rule. These camera techniques are very simple, but very affective. These simple camera techniques are used so that the viewer is able to really concentrate on the artist and have a connection.
Loads of close ups of Christina Perri's face are used during the music video. This is so that the viewers are able to see the strong emotions coming from the artist. Slow panning is used in the music video. This is a really simple technique and is used so we are able to focus on the artist without getting distracted. Throughout the whole music video Christina Perri is the main focus point which suggests that the song being sung is about her.
In the music video slow motion editing is used. This is used so that the music video shows more emotion. Some CGI is used in the music video when we see the soul being taken from the artists body. Fade in transitions are used in the music video which really shows and gives more emotion to fit in with the music video. There is a lighting change in the music video from dark to light. This shows us Christina Perri getting her heart back.


Working towards a Pass

Well done you have described how Music videos create meaning. But you only have one example, and you must say exactly how they create the meaning.

T: Use another 2 examples and be very specific with your references

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