Tuesday, 12 November 2013

7) rebrand case study

rebrand case study

In the itv1 idents there is a new key feature that itv have incorporated in to their idents. This new feature is a colour picking feature where the itv logo will adapt and change colour to the background shown behind the itv logo. In some of the itv1 idents the background would sometimes be promoting different tv shows from that channel. The new itv 1 logo is a new modern stylish logo that has been created in a house. The new itv 1 logo is designed to make the viewers feel comfortable because it is warm and bold and based on a formalised version of human handwriting. Itv have said that the itv viewers now have access to hundreds of channels and are forming relationships with digital brands that did not exist a few years ago. itv have launched a rebrand so that they can further cement the relationships between the viewers and between the shows that itv create and broadcast. There has been a lot of negative reviews for the new itv rebrand. immediately itv recieved negative comments such as it reminded them of a childs crayon drawing or even the outline of a human bottom. Other reviews have said things such as "does make you wonder how some people manage to keep their jobs" and " itv should spend more time making a logo that everyone will like to attract more viewers". Although there has been a lot of negative reviews about the new itv logo there has also been some good reviews. Comments such as "The new itv logo is sophisticated and appealing" are what's being said also about the new itv logo.

E4 On Thursday 31st October 2013, a new look launched on E4. Devised by Channel 4 and 4Creative, the idents have introduced a new character called 'Eefer', a robot in the form of E4's logo. Like the channel's well knowbn purple theme, hasn't changed. Also, each of the idents includes updatable elements which means each ident can be changed at any time. Eefer is a walking, talking robot that was designed for e4 idents to exist on air and in person. Eefer was introduced in 2001 and made his last appearance in 2003. Eefer was in a lot of high profile adverts for E4 which were described by campaign magazine as being mostly fine. Although Eefer was having great success with his on air appearances his personal appearances were not doing as well. After ten years since his last appearance Eefer has returned to E4's idents as part as the new rebrand. After looking at the E4 website and how they have introduced Eefer I was surprised because they didn't shove it in your face as E4 is a very bright vibrant brand that is in your face. After looking at the home page of the E4 website I noticed that there was nothing on there telling you about Eefer at all which I thought was strange as Eefer has only just been introduced again. On the home page there was a little sub button to click on under the name of Eefer which took me to a page telling me about him and on that page was four little bits of writing telling you about Eefer without going in to much detail. There has been some negative and positive reviews about E4's new idents and the use of eefer. "Its great to see Eefer back on e4 and interacting with the audience. This has added some more fun to the channel and the idents". And critics have said that E4 have only brought back Eefer because of a legal dispute.

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