Thursday, 14 November 2013

21) proposal


concept or idea
for our final ident we have decided to come up with an idea that will be fun for the audience. we have decided to make an ident where there will be all clear blue skies and suddenly a lot of dark clouds come over. once all of the blue sky has gone it will start raining the BBC One logo which will land on the ground. once all of the rain has finished a sun will break through the clouds and the sun will be the BBC One logo that we have created. The location for the ident will be set in a forest by a lake and will include little characters that run away to avoid the falling logos from the sky. This animation will be made from clay.

 From this ident that we are going to make we are hoping to have a really positive effect on the target audience. We are hoping to make this ident fun and appealing to the target audience and hope that the target audience see that this channel is fun and appealing to everyone making them want to come back and watch the channel. This ident will hopefully increase the amount of viewers the channel gets also. The meaning of this ident is to create joy and happiness. This is shown in the ident through the sun as it comes through at the end and clears up all of the bad gloomy weather that has made the little people by the lake run away. The sun fits in with the brand as well because the sun is round and bright which represents bringing everyone together. 

key content

The length of this ident will be between 15 and 20 seconds. The setting for the ident will be in a forest set by a lake and will include little characters that run away when it starts to rain. for the sound of the ident we will include happy music for when the sky is a blue and clear, but when the storm comes the music will change and become a bit aggressive to fit in with the mood of the ident. when filming this ident the camera will be set on a tripod for the beginning so that we have a clear still shot and as the ident progresses camera movements will be included.

target audience
we are making this ident appeal to our target audience by making it suitable for any viewer because BBC One is aimed towards everyone. There is no specific age group and gender that this ident will be aimed towards because BBC One is aimed at everyone.

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